Gunilla Samberg is a visual artist, living and working in Umeå, Sweden, born 1945.

I work with different media and expressions, always based on a conceptual ideas. Performance, involving other people, acting in collective performance is an effective and interesting way of making art. It is a really a good feeling to share your ideas, to discuss, discover and express important issues with others. I also make installations and painting. I feel free to chose media and material  related to the issue I want to give a specific form. I have made several public artworks and I am really interested in the challenge to make strong visual expressions in public space. I am influenced by my background as a scientist and as a teacher.

I want to share my images of my artworks and my ideas to others. I am convinced that the image has a strong influence and effect on peoples minds. You forget verbal messages, you remember images, they effect you for a long time. I am most concerned about our future, resources are wasted, soil, air and water polluted. Everyone is responsible to do something. We must not resign, we can be inspired of others, we can do something. I am also concerned by the lack of women´s rights, young girls and women being abused all over the world.


Gunilla Samberg



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